As the title says, I shall be grabbing random posts from the old Bio RP that are really long and using BadTranslator to its fullest. Let the bad translating begin! (evil)

To Conquer All (1)

However, fijifrance. Region, science, blind faith in the room. But, in some cases, no. You do not have to focus on the category. The development of attention, you have to have the equipment, almost. Dear teachers, dirty and cracked look. Working tirelessly to try to reach a consensus of the rest of the inharax team will win the case. Telepaths, he noted the competition was very strong, but I can tell you all you need to know that people Karunai: Inharax self-proclaimed leader. Kratark dirt can clean his feet, but he didn't care. Tazzuk tired, daffodils, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla. Error: the fighting. Blood of a traitor, that's nonsense, he's a traitor.

Karunai professionalism, the full version of the evaluation report, I think. Usually using an alias, Yes, but was it an accident? Easy ago: I am glad that Inharax payment, you don't need to get all of those errors Tariq and fraternity. But now, to see Karunai, the dining room looks a little...I don't know. Additionally, in this sense, I believe that this is a game, and because of this, in the near future. What does it mean? Yes, good, good, good, good...

To Conquer All (1) Before

As events transpire, Karunax sits upon his broken throne within his shattered throne room. His eyes are focused on nothing in particular, yet he is listening and watching acutely, his empowered mind stretching over Destral. His prized First Lieutenant was desecrated and destroyed. He hears the tireless bickering of his brethren, sees them trade pointless blows with one another, and sees Inharax's forces attempt to suppress them. Their ongoing telepathic conversation was obnoxious, but told Karunax everything he needed to know about the Brotherhood's current state: Inharax, self-appointed leader. Kratark, disgusting purist. Viperax, loyal but unassertive. Tazzuk, irritating narcissist. And so forth, and so forth. Liars. Deserters. Backstabbers. Extortioners. Fools. Traitors.


Karunax's mind was racing and swirling with thoughts, diligently assessing the situation. The Anonymous's work left him more aware than ever, but was this a curse? Beforehand, his decision would've been simple: humor Inharax for the benefit of The Plan, purge blunders like Kratark, and obliterate everything that wasn't loyal to the Brotherhood. But now, as Karunax observed the chaos, it all seemed so... petty. Meaningless. Even The Plan seemed too nearsighted when he considered its intended endgame. What was the point of it all? Oh, right... peace.

To Conquer All (2)