As the title says, I've been playing more Tomodachi Life recently. And I took a lot more pictures this time. :P

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Fluttershy and Kopaka hanging out.

11401193 1440594256262160 6909947766181247717 n

Onua and Gali, perfectly happy...

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...Then they notice I'm watching them and freak out.

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Me and Rarity.

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Kopaka, Sailor Moon, Breeze, and Evie all hanging out.

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Nex and Applejack hanging out with Godzilla.

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Lewa and Rainbow...the latter of which is in a ninja outfit.

1558602 1440597602928492 213926383794351743 n

Yeah, Rocka fell in love with Peach. Not that he needed that ego boost...

10364170 1440599942928258 6458253876186449435 n

Breeze and Pohatu eating together.

11423933 1440600196261566 1784120310862747880 n

Rocka and Peach, perfectly happy...

11416218 1440600326261553 5071186969532893164 n

...So happy they don't notice me watching them. Hey, I'm right here, morons!

11407311 1440600876261498 1259603914730494159 n

And Stormer fell in love with Evie. As in, CLEVERBOT Evie. Mata Nui help us all...

11391638 1440601746261411 2843179324769717241 n

"Hi! I'm Flumpty Bumpty! I'm an egg; I'm immune to the plot and can transcend time and space!"

11427759 1440602199594699 2940823337965742621 n

So, here's how Kopaka views his relationship with Flutters...

11391221 1440602479594671 1848051965167009174 n

...And here's how Flutters views her relationship with Kopaka. Clearly, work needs to be done here, otherwise this will end badly...